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Outer Reef Technologies is different than other medical device product development companies for a variety of reasons. We have a proven history of solving complex problems in our industry when you need it the most. The experts here have a strong and high-level understanding of medical product development and manufacturing projects, and also a clear understanding of both customer and market needs. Our designs are made for manufacturability - which means they are ISO 13485 compliant and operate under a quality management system.

We have the capabilities to support any portion of a project, from end to end. That means that from the beginning idea all the way through commercialization, our engineers will work with you every step of the way. Outer Reef Technologies provides prototype support and we’ll priotize communication, quality, your schedule, and your budget.

How Outer Reef Technologies Works

Outer Reef Technologies prides itself in providing engineering and technical solutions that are comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive to our clients'​ needs. We provide end to end solutions; from proprietary product design, to manufacturing and market launch. The entire process is executed by a planning and project management team that is committed to creating high quality equipment you and your clients can count on.

Because we understand the challenges our clients face, we’re able to build deep partnerships as we bring their vision to reality and build successful and enduring technology. Our capabilities span the entire product life cycle, from concept ideation to development, prototyping to full-scale competitive product manufacturing. We’ll start by identifying your specific needs, identify any obstacles and requirements necessary to move forward, and then create specific milestimes to optimize both time and money. One of our strengths is understanding all regulatory requirements so that we can develop a plan that is cost effective and meets your needs and goals. We’ll guide you through the quality management system for your company and guide you through regulatory testing and formal submissions (like FDA/EU/CE).

Our Mission

Outer Reef Technologies prides itself in providing engineering and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients'​ needs in an innovative, cost-effective, professional, and quality service manner. Our approach combines exceptional design, verified results, and proven performance. Engineering consulting services include but are not limited to; medical device development, robotics, electronics, firmware, software, mechanical design, QA/RA support, and manufacturing. We operate under a quality management system and are ISO 13485 compliant.

Motor Controller & product examples

A Motor Controller is a device that acts as an middleman between your product’s microcontroller, batteries, and motors. It’s necessary because while a microcontroller can usually only provide around 0.1 amps of currents, most actuators like DC motors, DC gear motors, and servo motors require several amps. No matter your motor controller needs, we have the solution. Our team can develop hardware and firmware for your sensored or sensorless BLDC motor, plus a wide variety of products.

  • Refurbishing And Matching OEM Specifications
  • Robotics
  • Medical Devices
  • Autoclavable Power Tools
  • Heart Pumps
  • Electric Vehicles
  • High Power
  • High Efficiency
  • Custom Packaging
  • Sensored & Sensorless

Robotics and Automation

Our main focus and core competency is developing robotic platforms from the ground up. We are proud partners with ABB and handle all of their medical applications.

Motor Controllers

No matter your motor controller needs, we have the solution. Our team can develop hardware and firmware for your sensored or sensorless BLDC motor.

Surgical Navigation/Motion Capture

We develop high accuracy and precision navigation systems for the medical and gaming industries. Our systems incorporate IMU, optics, and/or mechanical tracking options.

Surgical Suites

After working decades with the top surgeons, we have brought many Class III medical devices and suites to the industry from concept through clinical trials and 510k submission.

Imaging and Optics

Our team has extensive knowlege and experience developing and manufactiring optical devices ranging from LED fiber optics to rigid and flexible scopes.

High Precision Encoders

As nearly all of our products require the highest level of accuracy and precision, in a small form factor, we typically design our own encoder solution to meet the clients requirements.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We have partnered with some of the top companies in the world to develop world class virtual and augmented reality devices. Our specialty is in sensor calibration, system integartion and verifcation.

Industrial Product and Packaging Design

Our design team utilizes SolidWorks to design and develop all of the products mechanical components. We utilize FEA and 3D printing to ensure our designs meet all requirements, prior to manufacturing.

Software and Application Development

These day there are apps integrated into nearly every product. We can support desktop, mobile and standalone apps, including apps which are required to integrate with the cloud and/or remote devices.

client testimonials

Outer Reef Technologies completed our requested deliverables and satisfied our requirements with exceptional ingenuity. They were willing and able to pivot with us halfway through the project, successfully adapting their solution based on our updated requirements. We could count on their team providing reliable support with clear and consistent communication through the course of the project. It was a pleasure to work with them and we will not hesitate to do so again in the future.

- Ashley Galanes Director Of Product Development at OrthoSensor, Inc.

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Working with Outer Reef Technologies gave us a huge competitive advantage. They developed the most powerful Lithium battery LED whitening light in the market using their incredible firmware and electronics knowledge. They also came up with the idea and engineering chops to add an automated timer to the whitening light which is amazing feature for our customers. They completed the project with impressive industrial design to ensure it was aesthetically appealing for the cosmetic market. I look forward to working with Outer Reef in the future to develop even more innovative products.

- Casey Coleman Founder and CEO at Cali White

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about our CEO

Jonathan Azevedo is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Outer Reef Technologies. He is an industry veteran who has worked across many business sectors including defense, commercial and medical. Jonathan has a proven track record of success through his systematic understanding and data driven decision making. Mr. Azevedo’s technical experience dates back to 2004 when he started developing self-driving cars. Jonathan then participated in the DARPA Grand and Urban Challenges, in order to promote the growth of technology which is now being used in today’s vehicles. In 2009, Mr. Azevedo entered the medical device industry where he helped develop the very first orthopedic robotic platform. Jonathan then founded Outer Reef Technologies and Plug and Play Robotics in 2012 and 2014, respectively. Jonathan donates much of his personal time to educational programs and non-profit organizations such as FIRST Robotics, Habitat for Humanity, Guide Dog for the Blind Foundation, among others. Jonathan graduated from the University of Florida and holds a B.S in Mechanical Engineering, and a M.S in Robotics Engineering.

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